Monday, May 13, 2013

...and the Drama Continues

I think I started something. It needed to be started. The kerfuffle now involves about a dozen of us back here in the Sweetwater Evil Corner (SEC). Dale continues to pile lie on top of lie trying to cover his ass. The SEC Club had a meeting this morning going through e-mails and such to much hilarity. Good times.

We had our own bit of adventure yesterday trying to get building materials from Home Depot to our house. When we pulled into to parking lot, the rental truck was there. Being a Sunday, there was a pretty good chance that it wouldn't be, so we did a little happy dance, ran into the store and proceeded to buy $550 of building materials, none of which would fit in my stupid soccer-mom "SUV". When I went to rent the truck, I was informed that the truck was broke down. Crap. I asked about the van, which was also in the lot when we got there. Someone had just rented it and wasn't going to be back for at least 4 hours. Double crap. We had some other running to do, so we took what we could with us and left the rest at the store as a will-call. After we were done with our other running, we swung back by on the off-chance that the van had been returned early. Not only was the van not back, but the "broken-down" truck had been rented out. WTF?!?!?

So we got back here to the trailer and called up a fellow member of the SEC Club to see if he had time to run me up there in his truck so I could get my stuff home before Home Depot closed. He did, so we did, then a couple other SEC'ers came back and helped to unload everything. So it all worked out and now I have everything I need to get the Florida room ready for drywall. Today I had to take a break from inside work to mow the lawn around our place and the neighbors, but I should still be able to make some major progress over the next week.

That's it. Once I've done something visible, I'll post a couple pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a productive day, sort of.