Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Baby

With apologies to the Little River Band. And a few days late. My first post here was actually March 3rd, 2004, but tax season keeps getting in the way of... well... everything.

I have managed to get a few things done in spite of all the tax season chaos:

We did the same trick to the window in our new back door that we used at Arcosanti to block out the sun and nosy neighbors.

The back of the trailer was just weeds and dirt. The walk will eventually be widened all the way across to the trailer behind us, eliminating a major maintenance nightmare I had to deal with all last summer.

New bed along the side of the trailer. The maintenance guys last year did us a "favor" and sprayed Roundup all along the trailer so I wouldn't have to trim it. More bare dirt, dust and a few weeks after it was sprayed, weeds that I had to trim anyway. Thanks, guys!

We finally got a solar-powered clothes dryer (old people call it a "clothesline") so we can stop making the coin laundry people rich.

It was close to sunset, so the lighting is bad, but this is supposed to show that the walk in front of the shed has been straightened up and expanded slightly. We will eventually expand it out under the clothesli... er... solar-powered clothes dryer.
That's all I have time for this morning.

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Tom Tanner said...

Looks very nice! Love to keep up with what you are doing. Tom T.