Saturday, March 24, 2012

In an Uproar

Sanford is in an uproar over a white guy shooting an unarmed black kid. The details are still murky at best, but that hasn't stopped everyone from Al Sharpton to the Federal Justice Department (who still has utterly failed to even slow down the criminal activity in our major banks) from jumping all over this. Never mind all the other murders, rapes, robberies, car-jackings or even the 108 registered sex offenders in Sanford. A white guy shot a black kid. In an election year!!! So we have protests and calls for resignations and fights in the city council, all before the police even have time to collect evidence and interview witnesses. Nice.

I am once again wondering if the morons in the media or any of the self-appointed "community leaders" have clue one about the damage they cause outside their little gated enclaves? None of which has effected us personally other than the constant yapping on the boob tube. We may have a Sanford mailing address, but we don't live, work, or frankly even drive through Sanford proper now that I no longer work for the ghetto tax prep store.

In spite of the second course of antibiotics and the steroid kicker, I'm still battling whatever is trying to kill me by slow suffocation. Things have improved mostly due to the steroids loosening things up, but I still have a lot of fluid in my lungs and now I have a sinus infection that I picked up while on antibiotics. Sweet. I have an appointment next week to follow up on this and labs, etc. We'll see what the new doc has to say.

Not much else going on. Debbie's work seems to be going in fits and starts with the phones ringing off the hook some days and other days so dead everyone is counting the holes in the ceiling tiles. As usual, the next batch of new-hires will be hitting the floor just as busy season ends; too late to help out when things were crazy and the company was losing customers because everyone was so backed up, but just in time to drive everyone's number into the dirt so management can stop paying bonuses.

The carpet project I was supposed to be working on this weekend was canceled, so now I'm spending my time on "special projects" trying to kill time. Normally, there is no lack of work, but it has been incredibly slow the last week or so. So I dust and scrape old gum and rearrange shelves and "shelf read" (check every single book on the shelves to make sure they are in the correct order) and other fun little bits. No one knows what is going on with the carpet project; the company discovered some problems when doing our branch (the first) and now is trying to renegotiate with the county for more money to do the other library branches the right way. What that means for the quality of the work they did at our branch is fuzzy, but they won't back the work at the other branches unless they get the additional money to do it right. While the county seems to be doing OK budget-wise, I doubt they have several tens of thousands sitting around not allocated to anything as a "just in case" fund.

Well, I have to go start getting ready for a long day of reading Dewey decimal numbers.

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