Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hangin' In There

If the humidity gets any higher, we're going to need scuba gear to go outside. A line of storms blew through last night, so I expected my ride this morning to be a bit dryer. Silly me; if anything, the rain made it worse. I had to hang my t-shirt over the shower rod because it was actually dripping sweat. Because of the weather and missing a full week of riding, I didn't add anything to my route this week. I'll start adding small chunks next week, but I'm running out of grid, so I won't be able to add much more. It will take me a while to get my speed up to where I want it, so there's no problem for most of the rest of the summer. After that...???

There is finally some real content at The Tax Geek. If you enjoy geeky posts about taxes, you should like it. I'm hoping to get on some sort of regular posting schedule, but no guarantees.

Just a few quickies from the news as I really need to get the dishes done before Debbie comes home:

Homeowners turn the tables and show up with moving trucks to "foreclose" a bank for refusing to pay court-ordered restitution to the homeowners. The bank had attempted to foreclose the homeowners even though they had paid cash for the house, then refused to admit they had screwed up forcing the homeowners to spend 18 months in court. Do I need to say that this is in Florida?

A short list of some of the new "rights" that the god's have showered on us over the last few years. Those rights come with no responsibilities attached to them, of course. This is the thinking of small children.

A two-part essay on how we got to where we are:
The Death of the American Dream Part I
The Death of the American Dream Part II

That's it; gotta scamper off.

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