Saturday, May 28, 2011

Customizing the Tax Geek

Still fussing around with the mechanics of The Tax Geek web site. Still no real content, but it now features a rather handsome portrait of me in a suit. It's an older picture; I have hair.

Expect light blogging both here and at The Tax Geek while I continue to fiddle under the hood.


Anonymous said...

Love the name "Tax Geek"! It's one of the first humorous tax prep firm names I've heard. About your portrait … if that image is from south park I'll be it is copyrighted … not good unless you have permission to use it.

Ric said...

The image was created by me in the "South Park Style" at SP Studio. If I read their FAQ correctly, I'm probably OK on the website, but I can't use it on business cards, etc. It's more of a place-holder while I get the page layout the way I want it. I really want to get a caracature of me; still looking for software to do that with as I have zero drawing ability.