Saturday, March 19, 2011

Short Road Trip

This afternoon after Ric gets out of work -- we are on our way to Bonita Springs Florida. First time we are going in that direction. Ric's Aunt/Uncle live over there and we are having a small get together with them, his parents and a couple other cousins that are down in Florida.

Next weekend we both have off Saturday -- so may head to Disney World; head in a new direction for someplace to visit; or visit with Don and Shirley one more weekend before they head back up to Michigan.

I made #1 again last pay period at the office with my best cabin count so far (67). This pay period I know I did just over 50, but my insurance policies were really good. Usually when I hit bonus, I just get 16 (minimum for bonus), 17 or 18. This pay period I think I did 25. Should make for a nice bonus.

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