Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inquiring Minds

People who wind up here after typing random phrases into Google Search seem to be an inquisitive lot this past few weeks. As a public service, I will try to answer your deep and searching questions:

Has anyone slept with Ric Savage?

Absolutely not. Like all rockers, Rick Savage took the mandatory Artist Vow of Celibacy required by all record labels. Besides, have you seen that dude, like, up close? Talk about a serious beating with an ugly stick....

What does the word "Arcosanti" mean?

First, congratulations on being one of the few Google Search users in several months to land on this blog using a search phrase that has anything to do with anything that has ever been posted here. To answer the question, that depends on who you ask and/or what part of their dementia cycle they happen to be in. The most popular answer: A portmanteau of "arcology" and "cosanti". Given that both arcology and cosanti are themselves portmanteaus, Arcosanti is likely the first ever recursive portmanteau.

Is Stampin' Up doing well in this present economy?

I'm sure that sales are in the toilet, but equally sure executive bonuses and stock options are at all-new highs. That's why America is on top! You should immediately invest every penny you have in Stampin' Up stock. Because everyone knows bloggers are an endless fountain of impeccable investment advise.

Paolo Soleri sketches?

First, same congrats as above. To answer with the same brevity as my questioner: Yes. Whether he sketches well seems to be a matter of some debate. As someone who is unable to draw a decent smiley face, I'm probably the wrong guy to ask. But you didn't, so again, good job on landing somewhere in the internet at least marginally related to what you are looking for.

The money brought people don't mess up with south sudan you will reach sky if you will?

Only if you sky reach the money mess of brought people that don't south sudan you first.

You have been enlightened. Go forth, be fruitful and multiply.

PS: To the seemingly-endless hordes out there deeply concerned with the spectral nature of unicorn flatulence: You scare me. Get help. Get drugs. Get hit by a bus. Whatever. Just stay away from me.

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