Sunday, February 20, 2011

Good News/good news

1) Bob Seger's tour is getting closer to us --- this weekend he announced a few more dates and he will be in Atlanta Georgia. Hopefully next set of dates/places will include Orlando Florida!

2) Today we will become the proud owners of two Florida resident annual passholder Disney World tickets. We are going down to Disney's Animal Kingdom today.

Annual passholders can come and go as we please to all 4 theme parks -- no black out dates, free parking, and park hopping capability. So...anyone that is heading to DisneyWorld -- let us know, maybe we can head down to meet you. Ric would love to ride the coasters with anybody. I get too sick after a coaster now, that it is not worth it for me and I hate that Ric can't go on them. (He won't go by himself and leave me alone -- even tho I've urged him to)

I"m sure Ric will have pictures to post after today's visit --- keep an eye out.


Anonymous said...

How was Disney? Animal Kingdom is one of our faves. Ty has decided we need to come for a visit

Debbie said...

Animal Kingdom was good --- great weather for the day. Did the "safari" twice and saw lots of animals -- hopefully got some good pics. Can't wait for all to visit FL so we can do Disney together. Not sure which park we will concentrate on next time. Favs?