Sunday, February 27, 2011

#1 Again

Last pay period I was the top selling agent in the office. That makes it 2 times this year so far, 1 time I was #2, the 3rd time I was #3. Woo hoo.

We just had another new hire training class get done. They will start on the floor Monday. I believe there are 7 in this class. Some have travel agent experience, some don't. We will see how many last of this group. The last group - has 2 left (one is off site still) and from my class we have 3 left. With that many more people, I don't see me getting close to 50 cabins in a pay period, but you never know. (This pay period that will end next Friday -- I should be close again -- I already have 30+ from last week!)

HOT here -- in the low/mid 80's. Saturday was murder in our office -- the air conditioning was not on and no air moving around. My small fan did not seem to help me at all. I hope they have it fixed by Monday since today and Monday are suppose to be hotter than it got on Sat.

If anyone is driving to visit Florida from Michigan -- bring me some pickled bologna. I"m have CRAVINGS!!!! One of my nephews may be driving down the end of March and I already called to see if he will have room to bring me 2-3 jars! The other CRAVING is for Koegel hot dogs/viennas. Those I have to make sure who brings them down has space for a cooler and will keep them iced down for the whole trip so they don't spoil. Too bad we probably will have to fly home in June instead of driving because I would have brought home a cooler full of Koegel products.

Will try to blow the sun and heat up to youse guys in Michigan and the northeast coast! :-)

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