Sunday, September 19, 2010

Art is on the walls!

Finally, we have the art unpacked and hanging on the walls! We took the last of the bins and cardboard coverings to the storage unit at UHaul on Saturday. The office and my card working space still has to be organized and one shower curtain bought, but other than that I think we are settled in. We've decided for the moment to not unbox and display all my Precious Moment figurines and most of our knick knacks. The only thing we have in the two curios is all of our matryoshka dolls -- and they just sitting there, not opened all up displayed as of yet. Oh well ... another project for another weekend.

I finally got my Florida drivers license on Thursday -- between my work hours and the govt work hours, it was hard to do. Saturday we went to the library and I got my library card. (Ric had gotten his last weekend when we finally went to find the library) Now I have lots of books to read! YEAH!

I'm sure sometime in the next month Ric will get a picture link up to show anyone who is interested our new apartment. Keep checking back ....

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