Thursday, September 02, 2010

Address Change

Today's task is to work through the three pages of organizations to contact with our new address. We try to keep not just a list of names, but addresses, phone numbers, web sites, account numbers, etc. Every time we do this exercise, I'm amazed how often companies change things around, especially their web sites. I know all those Indian web programmers have to be kept busy some how, but is it really necessary re-hide the address change link every six months or so? We just did this last December; it's not like our list is ten years old or anything.

Found on the label of our new frying pan: Caution For safety, please keep pet birds out of the kitchen.

Of course, this immediately launches a little mini-movie in my head where Mom is swearing and swinging said frying pan around wildly in an attempt to keep the pet bird from crapping in the sauce and accidentally whacks her kid upside the head.

I have no idea what the safety implications are of having pet birds in the kitchen, other than my personal flight of fancy. And given the wording, one assumes wild birds in the kitchen are OK.

Back to work.

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