Sunday, August 22, 2010

Suggestions for Florida living ?????

We have possession of our new apartment in the Lake Mary/Sanford Florida area. We were not too impressed/happy with the cleaning job their offsite company did. Ric did most of the cleaning yesterday -- kitchen and the master bathroom and broomed the ceiling and top of the walls down. I concentrated on getting the black mold/mildew off the inside of the toilet tank/tank top. GROSS!!!! Thank goodness for Spic and Span. I will get Ric to download some pictures after he gets back and has time. I'm glad this apartment had new carpeting/kitchen cabinets and range put in. I would have hated to see what it looked like before those things.

For those used to Florida (and such areas) --- any suggestions on truly getting rid of the black mold/mildew and keeping it away? We have some in the shower stall in the master bath too. Ric said the incompetent people here put new caulk over it. You can still see it which grosses me out. Also suggestions about being in Florida and keeping the bugs away, trying to keep cool, keeping the apt cool without having a high air conditioning bill, etc would be helpful.

Well, I should get back to cleaning. I'm still working on the second bathroom and want to figure out an easy way (if any exists !) of cleaning all the blinds.

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