Monday, July 12, 2010

Waiting again

Well...had my interview this afternoon. I think it went well. They have one more person to interview this week or next and then will make their decisions. If hired, I would be starting either July 26th or August 16th. Of course, August 16th would be better for us -- that way we would have plenty of time to pack things up, visit Michigan family and friends, go to my family reunion and niece's grad-fest and move down here after finding a great apartment complex.

We saw about 1/2 doz apartment complexes today. This morning we had 2 or 3 we liked, this afternoon we only got to see two after my interview and before the offices closed. One we both liked, the other had some good points, but overall I'm not sure about it.

Tomorrow we head to Sanford to see about 1 dozen, Wednesday south of here for other cities. Thursday and Friday what we didn't get a chance to see before and then to narrow things down. I have tickets to Universal Studios, so we may head down there Thursday to see Islands of Adventure and the new Harry Potter stuff. Neither of us have been to Universal Studios, so it should be fun for us both.

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Anonymous said...

we're keeping our fingers crossed for you