Thursday, July 08, 2010

No More VHS

After several months of more-or-less constant effort, I finally finished digitizing all our old VHS tapes. The files may be huge, but them bits take up a lot less space than the 50 or so VHS tapes we had to move and find a place for everywhere we land. Not to mention that some of those tapes were somewhat past their prime, and won't likely survive more than another half-dozen viewings. We will also be able to ditch our VHS/DVD player; it will get donated to my parents (who still don't have a DVD player) when we head up to Michigan in August (if we get to Michigan in August; that's still somewhat up in the air but looking very likely). We'll be unloading a lot of other stuff while we are there; sort of a portable freecycle.

We're getting a jump on packing, pulling stuff out of closets, boxing up the dust collectors, etc. The apartment looks like we were robbed right now with stuff thrown into piles all over the place. I nearly killed myself trying to walk across the bedroom last night. But it will be nice when we come to crunch time and we have a big chunk of the work already done.

Not much else going on other than getting ready for spending all next week in Florida. It will be nice to get out of the heat here on the east coast and down south where it's cool.

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