Friday, July 09, 2010

Blown Partition Table

The power just came back on after being off for an hour or so. I was in the process of formatting a new external hard drive when the power went out, so of course our main system now has a trashed partition table and won't boot from the hard drive. I just packed up my Win7 DVD, so now I get to unpack and see if I can recover or if I just need to nuke from orbit and start over. Which is going to really suck. The tricky part is that I just realized that I don't have a wired keyboard. Anywhere. So I'll most likely need to head over to Staples and buy a friggin' keyboard. Luckily, all our files are external, so I can substitute the laptop for the main system assuming I can find a VGA cable. I think I still have one of those floating around in my pieces-parts box. The timing really sucks; we fly out of here in two days and we really need access to our resumes and such. This is a job-hunting trip. All because Public Service of New Hampshire can't keep the damn grid up for more than a few days at a time.

Weren't these stupid little machines supposed to make our lives easier?

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