Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Heat Wave

Summer got here in a big way this week; three days of sun, humidity and high 80's and 90's. We figure it's good training for Florida, especially with me working outside. Not that I've been working all that much the last couple days. I can't seem to get motivated, probably because I know that I'll have completely sweated out my clothes about an hour after I walk out the door. And because I work for amoral bastards, but that's a whole 'nother story.

It looks like we will be spending Memorial Weekend with some of Debbie's family. We're really hoping the weather holds; we haven't really spent any time at the ocean here in New England since we got here, so we're looking forward to seeing what it's like this far north. It's also a chance to just get away from here for a couple days, which will certainly be a nice change of pace. The worst part of working out of the house is that it's like I'm at work 7x24. Just walking away from the pile on the dining room table is going to feel so good.

Yet another attempt is being made to plug the massive geyser of oil pouring into the Gulf. It's pretty much a coin-toss if it will work or make things worse. But never fear, a tax increase will fix everything. If I had any hint of a suggestion that this money would go to the oil-spill equivalent of a fire department (who spend the 99.9% of their time that they are not fighting fires drilling, testing new equipment and methods, and working on prevention), I'd be all for it. But it is obvious that the existing tax did no such thing, so what tripling that tax will accomplish other than joining the existing revenue down a rat hole isn't clear to me.

Hope-n-Change still thinks he's in Chicago where dead people routinely vote and government positions are auctioned off like cattle. This guy is a real piece of work; the King of the Nuts.

The shuttle program took another step towards winding down. By the end of this year, the United States will no longer have a man-rated launch vehicle and will be reduced to begging rides from Russia. For now, the private sector is going full-out to pick up the slack. Godspeed Falcon 9.

Well, it's probably time to try to get some sleep so I'll wrap it up for the night.

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