Saturday, May 01, 2010

April by the Numbers

Between wrapping up tax season and starting the census training, we didn't do a lot of posting in April and it showed in the number of visits: only 215. The time of year may have a lot to do with it as well; I'm sure the nice weather has been tempting people away from their keyboards. A least until the bugs, heat and humidity drives everyone back inside.

Anyway. Numbers. In terms of operating systems, at least among our readers, nothing may as well exist outside of Microsoft. Uncle Bill accounted for nearly 92% of visits. Two-thirds of those were still running XP and most of the rest were on Vista. Win7 was nearly tied by WinNT. That's gotta hurt. I keep hearing about all the millions of new PC's with Win7, but they ain't readin' this place. I'll repeat; if you are running Vista, you owe it to yourself to get Win7. If you're running XP, the upgrade is more difficult and your hardware may not support it, but you really should look into it. It's that good.

Browsers were a bit more of a mixed bag with Internet Explorer just below the 50% line, Firefox holding at a touch over 30% and Chrome at 14%. The story in that data is the success Microsoft has had in getting everyone up to IE8; there were only a handful of visits from any of the older versions of IE while Firefox users were twice as likely to be running an older version.

Search terms continue to be intriguing. The top term was "Paolo Soleri" combined with other terms, not always flattering. For example, "scam" was frequently paired with it. Interest continues in rainbow-farting unicorns. A lot of interest. A disturbing level of interest. As for the most unusual search term, I'm sure it's probably one of the most common search strings entered into Google; what makes it unusual is that it brought the person here: "sucking huge tits."

Which is as good a place to wrap this as any.

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