Saturday, March 20, 2010

On My Own

Debbie just headed off for Michigan, leaving me here to my own devices. Scary, really. Having a job will force me to at least pay minimal attention to hygiene, but it could still get ugly by the time she gets back. Her plan is to drive half-way today, spend the night in Batavia, NY, then make the rest of the trip Sunday. She will be in Michigan all next week to be with her mom when she gets released from the hospital, then heading back next Saturday and Sunday. She's driving because a) air fare could only be described as "You're a fracking idiot if you think I'm paying that much to fly less than 900 miles," and b) getting to and from the closest thing to an airport here in the colonies is a pain for us, and getting herself to and from the airport in Michigan would have been a pain for someone else. So she is driving the 800 miles. Most of it is on the turnpike, so it's an easy trip, but I'm still not real sure this is a good idea.

Since the last time I posted anything, her mom has been moved out of the surgical ICU to the CCU, had some problems with hemoglobin and oxygen levels, and is now back in SICU. It's mostly to keep closer watch on things and to be more proactive with her breathing treatments, pain medications, etc. As of a couple hours ago, the hemoglobin problem was fixed by topping her off with a couple pints, oxygen levels are back up, pain is under control, and she even did some walking in place. They will likely be keeping her in the hospital for a bit longer than anticipated as yesterday ended up being mostly a lost day in terms of recovery. The downside of the SICU is the limited visitation and no phone calls, but at least she is back on track.

And to celebrate my bachelorhood, I am guzzling down some Diet Coke while totally jamming to some serious Emerald Web. It is off da hook up in here, dawg!! Dis boy knows how to par-TEY! Later, I might even watch all the Star Trek movies and eat mac&cheese with our last two Koegel hot dogs cut up in it! Woohoo!


I have a bunch of links on Washington DC's attempt to destroy our health care system, but I think I'm going to hold off and see what happens tomorrow. Besides, I gotta get going on that double-batch of mac&cheese!

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