Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the Hits Keep Comin'

Completely random collection of stuff I found while being bored out of my mind at work (not a single client all day). May as well start with this:

I don't know how effective they are in combat, but Parachuting Dogs would be an awesome name for a band.

Speaking of dogs, new DNA research has narrowed in on where dogs were domesticated. It makes sense that dogs were first domesticated from wolves in the same area that other animals were. The whole co-evolution of humans and dogs is fascinating to me; turning a predator into a defender seems so unlikely. And how has having dogs around effected us? What would our social structures look like today without the influence of our four-legged companions?

Expect to see more major chains refusing Medicaid patients. Then you can expect some sort of attempt to make accepting Medicaid patients a requirement to obtain or keep a license. Of course Obamacare will fix all that by magic. Don't believe it? Consider this: there must be some powerful juju in that bill for it to reduce the deficit while simultaneously spending a trillion dollars. I can feel myself filling with hope just thinking about it. (gag)

Another state uses interest free loans from its taxpayer/subjects to balance its budget. I don't think the bureaucrats coming up with this stuff understand how much it damages their legitimacy to govern. And now the courts have decided there is nothing wrong with the state putting people on sex offender registries that are not, in fact, sex offenders. I believe our overlords have gone completely mad.

And that's probably enough of that. I'll probably have even more tomorrow if business stays as bad as it has been over the last few days.

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