Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jobs and Photos

I finally got around to cleaning off the camera and putting the photos on our Flickr account:

Anyone interested in an old sewing machine?
Some photos from the road and our new apartment.
A few photos from Thanksgiving in Connecticut. The weather didn't really cooperate.
Photos from our trip over to Portland, Maine.
Our 2009 Christmas loot so far. And our pet penguin.

Today, I had an interview with a staffing agency. I was informed I am over-qualified for every job in Keene, NH. The guy said he didn't want me to get too hopeful. Not much chance of that.

Anyway. I have resumes in about a dozen places, but I don't expect to hear anything until after the holidays. Who hires over Christmas? In the meantime, I'm on the intertubes Google-ing "101 ways to dress up ramen."

That's it. Maybe more later if I feel more like writing something. Not in the mood at the moment and iTunes serving up a bunch of Snow Patrol ain't helping.

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