Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Day Three in Portland

I spent our third full day in Portland, Maine sitting in the hotel room watching the weather through the window. I sneaked out around 7am just to run around the corner to the grocery store for more survival supplies: two kinds of donuts, cinnamon graham crackers, yellow corn tortilla chips, banana nut muffins and Diet Coke. I'm not going to be one of those dumb people you see on the news getting in a fist fight over the last box of Teddy Grahams; I'm planning ahead. When I left the hotel, it was just starting to snow. By the time I was done shopping and walking back, it was coming down pretty good. When I got back up to our room on the 9th floor, I could barely make out the building across the street. It turned to rain around noon and is still coming down. The temperature is 36F and dropping fast; tomorrow morning could be the really interesting part of this trip. Fortunately for us, everything should be back to normal Friday afternoon when we drive back to New Hampshire.

Yesterday, I was wandering around aimlessly snapping photos of this and that and stumbled across the Morse-Libby House. It was $15 and I couldn't take photos inside the house, but my hands and the camera both needed warming up, so why not? Because it's the off-season, they don't have formal, conducted tours. Instead, you wander around poking into the various rooms, each equipped with a person to explain things to you. Most of the time I was there, I was the only one in the house, so I ended up chatting a great deal with the staff who had little else to do. And it was a fascinating house built by a rather interesting character. If you're ever in Portland, take a couple hours and part with the $15 and take a wander.

Other than that, not much to report. There is nothing new on the news sites other than more of the "All Tiger Woods All The Time" crap and stories about the weather. (Spoiler alert: it's snowing in states that normally get snow this time of year and raining in states that normally get rain this time of year. I know! Who'd a thunk? And all because of global warming. Damn oil companies!)

Well, I need to send out the hotel shuttle to retrieve Debbie from her day of training, then figure out what to do for dinner. We'll probably just do the hotel dining room tonight rather than try to walk around on steep, icy, brick sidewalks.

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