Friday, November 20, 2009

Packin' it In

Debbie's mom's basement is looking empty again. We hiked all the bins up the stairs and into the garage, other than a few that still need to get re-packed or sorted through. Today we focus on the last remaining bits in the basement, then start going through the house and collecting everything that has sort of wandered off in the two-and-a-half months that we've been crashed here. I'm still hoping to get a couple more projects finished up before we make our grand exit, but if we don't have the time, everything is at a point that if it sets as-is for a while, no harm done.

Other than that, not much to report. Whatever was kicking my butt last weekend when we were in Keene seems to be long gone, and hopefully it will stay that way. We drop the Durango off this morning for new tires more suited to living in snow country, new wiper blades, oil change and replacing the broken lens from getting backed into last week. That should put us in good shape for a while vehicle-wise. We pick up the Penske truck tomorrow first thing in the morning. If we get everything done today that we are supposed to (and trust me, we will), we should have the truck loaded by the time we stop for lunch. Then Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, we will be heading out of Michigan. Again. For how long this time is anyone's guess. If we can squeak by for the next year or so, I think we'll be in good shape. Then we have to really work at building up the reserves for when the next government-created bubble pops. I'd recommend the same to anyone reading this, but if you've been hitting this site for any length of time, you're already sick of my whole get-fast-get-small mantra, so I'll spare you. But you really need to.

Well, I need to get started. The computer is scheduled for tear-down and packing later today, so don't expect a great deal posted here until we land in New Hampshire and figure out the whole high-speed internet thing. Everyone take care.

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