Thursday, November 05, 2009

On My Own, Etc.

I'm on my own for a couple days while Debbie is out to New Hampshire looking into a job. I was contacted about a possibility out in Pasadena, California as well. I have to give them an answer on Monday if I'm going to throw my hat into the ring. The downside is that it is a temporary gig of one to two years. The upside is that it's more money than we normally make in five years. The downside is that it is in one of the most-expensive places to live in the entire United States. The upside is that it's more money than we normally make in five years. The downside is the whole traffic-big city-crowded-noisy thing. The upside is that it's more money than we normally make in five years.

We'll talk about it Sunday and figure out what I'm going to tell them.

Speaking of cool jobs, how about making really cool knives, swords, etc., then creating mythologies to go along with them, including building a giant dragon skeleton. I wonder if this guy is hiring?

And, as if you needed another one, here's a good example of why you never believe anything a politician tells you. Either they are just bald-face lying to you and know it, or they are lying as a result of being mentally defective combined with being too morally defective to care. It's also a good example of why any business should think long and hard before taking government money.

Today, I relearned a lesson I learned for the first time when I was a mere lad: The smaller the room, the longer it takes to paint it. I worked all day and burned through nearly a full gallon of paint working in a room that is only a five-foot square. And I'm not done yet. Small rooms suck. On the positive side, it's the last of the painting on the south half of the basement. The north half is going to be much easier to do; very little in the way, meaning more roller and less brush.

We've also gotten back into Craigslist and have managed to get rid of some very bulky items while putting a nice stack of bills in our pocket. I never stop being grateful for people willing to trade perfectly good money for stuff I would just as soon throw on the burn pile in the back yard.

Well, I need to go check on the latest about the shooting in Texas, then go to bed. I'm heading up to northern Michigan for my nephew's birthday and to hit him up with a business proposition that he can't refuse. I am, after all, his favorite uncle. Later.

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GreatMatt said...

If he says no, are you going to put a horses head in his bed? LOL