Monday, November 30, 2009

Before I Have to Leave...

I need to take off in a few minutes to pick up Debbie from work, so this is going to be short. We are still in the process of unloading, sorting, pitching, re-purposing, and exclaiming repeatedly, "Where the heck is that going to go!" and "We paid money to move that out here?" But there has been progress and the bins continue to get emptied and moved into the storage unit that came with our apartment.

In catching up on news after being completely out of touch for almost two weeks, I noticed that the saboteurs from the future finally allowed the Large Hadron Collider to set a new record. And the world didn't seem to end. Or maybe it did and the saboteurs from the future activated the backup plan and we all now exist in some advanced version of Second Life. (Don't laugh; how would you know?)

Black Friday wasn't the disaster it was a year ago, but it was hardly a green shoot (although I fully expect the media to report it as such). Don't be surprised to see retail stocks other than Wal-mart and Target to continue to decline.

And this article on relocalization deserves more attention than I can give it right now, but just let me say that I agree with some of what he says, but disagree with his premise that we are somehow running out of energy. For half the treasure and 1% of the blood we've poured into the sands of the middle east, we could have unlimited energy. Energy and resources are nearly infinite on and near the earth. But we would rather spend trillions on pointless "nation-building" and endless conferences attended by the wealthiest and most-resource-using members of the human race where they all pat each other on the back and congratulate each other on their intelligence while tell the rest of us to go back to living in the trees. And I note that in a matter of months, the US will have no means of putting humans into orbit.

Gotta run.

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