Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Total visits for September were slightly better than last month (199), but still off from our long-term average. Again, with only a few updates a week instead of several a day, that's understandable. Until we have an always-on connection on our own computer, posting will remain somewhat sparse. This month is also somewhat distorted by the whole accessing-the-web-via-a-borrowed-PC thing: our machines are set up to not be recorded in our site stats, while the borrowed machine obviously is not. So the numbers for XP and Firefox 3.5 will be slightly elevated over what they would otherwise be.

Anyway, without further ado:

XP - 80.4%
Vista - 12.1%
Other - 3.0%
Mac - 1.5%
NT - 1.5%
Linux - 1.5%

That gives Microsoft 94% on the OS front. And while my site may just not attract the "right" kind of people or something, it's gotta sting when your OS ties with NT and gets beat out by Other. Just sayin'.

Firefox 3.5 - 42.7%
IE 7 - 28.1%
IE8 - 11.1%
Firefox 3.0 - 5.5%
Chrome - 3.0%
IE6 - 3.0%
Other - 5.5%

Microsoft looks a lot less dominant on the browser front than it does in OS's, and continues a slow-but-steady decline. Personally, IE8 isn't a half-bad browser other than taking twice as long to load a page, but I still use Firefox even with its dated look-and-feel because it's fast and I know about vulnerabilities with hours of their discovery with patches not taking much longer.

All done playing with numbers.

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