Tuesday, September 01, 2009

2,053 Miles

Total mileage on the moving van when we turned it in was 2,053, which makes the daily average 513.25 miles over the four days of driving. It was mostly easy driving; traffic was light even in the larger cities we hit, weather was perfect, and no mechanical problems. Not that either of us is looking forward to doing it again real soon, but it could have been a lot worse. Like driving all our stuff out to Arizona through ice storms so bad, entire states were declared disaster areas.

Obviously, if the truck has been turned in, we got all our stuff out of it. For now, it's heaped up in Debbie's mom's garage. We were going to try to lure some strong backs and weak minds out here with promises of food, but we decided to wait on that until we are actually moving everything into the basement. We decided that it didn't make sense to move a bunch of stuff down there in our own way, so we are holding off until the floor and walls are painted and cured before we haul everything down there. That will also give a bit of time for some of the job leads to maybe call us before all our stuff is too inaccessible.

Speaking of which, I've been saying for weeks that the phone would ring with a job offer exactly twenty minutes after we unloaded the last bin off the truck. That didn't happen. I am now officially changing my prediction (hey, if the dork "financial analysts" on all the news networks can do it, so can I...): Twenty minutes after we carry the last bin into the basement, the phone will ring with a job offer.

That's it for now.

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