Tuesday, August 25, 2009

two more days

Still no phone calls regarding a job in Florida or Alabama yet. If they call in the next couple days before we pick up our Penske truck, then we can change our destination for the truck. We would have more to do that way -- find a place to live number one -- but at least only one move with the big truck. After we moved in and I started my new job, then we could fly Ric back to Michigan and he would finish up the basics at my Mom's house with the basement and other things on his list.

I applied for a few other AAA travel agent positions in the last few days. I"m sure the most popular with the family and friends is the one in Honolulu Hawaii. :-)

We had a nice dinner out with a past coworker and her fiance tonight. It was great to sit around talking to someone besides ourselves. Yeah, yeah, I know ... we need to get out more and make some friends where ever we move. Tomorrow I am going out to lunch with another past coworker and then hopefully can see everyone I want to at the workplace to say my last goodbyes.

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