Monday, August 24, 2009

Quick Note before We Leave

We are getting ready to head out to Arcosanti, so I thought I'd just do a quick post. I just got off the phone after talking to a guy about getting broadband out to Debbie's mom's place. Our options are fairly limited; no cable, cell service is poor, DSL is likely not available. But he did find us some options that we will be looking into shortly after we get there. We even talked about pulling a T1 to the house and seeing if the neighbors would be willing to chip in to pay for it. There are six houses we could easily reach with wifi, but it would still be expensive. Once we are there, we'll get more serious about making something happen. At least we now have a sort-of plan in the sense of knowing what is absolutely off the table.

Couple quick things from the news sites this morning. Super-bearish (I like to call him realistic, but I'm a pessimist) economist Nouriel Roubini is expecting at best a couple years of bouncing along the bottom before there is any significant recovery, and sees a significant risk of a double-dip recession. The great thing about being a pessimist is that there really isn't a downside: if you plan for the worse, you will always be pleasantly surprised. Everyone might want to keep that in mind over the next six months or so.

Like Obama, hate Obama, indifferent about Obama, why hassle his kids? I was disgusted by the 24/7 coverage of his girls shortly after the inauguration with breathless coverage what brand of backpack they were carrying etc. I doubt any of those "reporters" would allow some creep to follow around their pre-pubescent daughters with a camera offering up a running critique of what brand of sneakers they wear or what cartoon character is on their backpack. Enough already: if you can't find anything more important to report, find another line of work.

Well, gotta go if we are going to get everything done today. Might have some pictures later.

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