Friday, August 14, 2009


We flew down to Birmingham Alabama Wednesday so I could interview with AAA for a travel agent position. I think it went well. One of the ladies I talked to on the phone said the people that had interviewed so far in the area were all corporate travel agents. She seemed excited that I was a leisure travel agent and also from another AAA. They won't be making a decision until the end of the month.

We are still plugging away at Mom's basement. We made pretty good headway in the time we have been here. Today we should finish up with the drywall we had to replace and Ric will work on the other downspout that is dumping water way too close to the basement walls. The dumpster got picked up yesterday and we did a great job filling it.

We fly out early morning tomorrow back to Phoenix. We talked last night and are kinda decided not to wait til the end of the month to finish packing and moving. We will call up Penske and see if they have a truck available shortly after we get there and just start finishing things up. We will plan on moving here to Michigan unless we get a phone call before we leave Arizona. Most of our stuff will stay packed up until the basement gets done, so if we have to move again soon it shouldn't be too much of a hardship (except money-wise). (Reminds me ... have to go buy a mega millions lottery ticket -- I think it is way up there --- hey, can't have a chance to win unless you buy one! LOL)

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