Monday, July 27, 2009

What We're Up To

We have something that could be called a plan at this point. We have heard nothing from any job leads in nearly two weeks, and the savings is getting lower than we would like it to be. So on Thursday, we will be flying back to Michigan for two reasons: the primary one is my niece's wedding the first Saturday of August. The secondary reason is to clear out a livable space in Debbie's mom's basement while we continue looking for work. We'll be spending most of the two weeks filling up a 30-yard dumpster we are having delivered to her mom's front yard on Friday, then painting/sealing the basement floors, walls and ceiling. We may also need to replace all the drywall, depending on how much damage we do taking down the paneling that wasn't supposed to be installed below-grade. We'll be very busy, and will likely not be doing any socializing other than two or three days for the wedding.

This isn't a permanent move back to snow country; we'll be back in the truck heading south as soon as we have a job to head to. But it seems likely with how things are going that we will be there until late in 2009 or even early 2010.

Anyone that wants to get tired and dirty is welcome to stop by.

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