Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sittin' and Waitin'

I'll apologize now for any typo's. I know this is the internet where typo's are considered high art, but I was raised in a different culture that viewed such things as a sign of low intelligence. The problem is my keyboard; some of the keys only work after you hit them a few times, which sucks dead bunnies when you're a touch typist. The solution is in the mail; a Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard to replace the no-name junker I'm using now. It was a lot more money than I should have spent right now on something as silly as a keyboard, but I've yet to have a problem with any Logitech device I ever bought going back to the original "wedge of cheese" mouse that made Logitech famous. I also looked at the diNovo mini "thumb" keyboard, but I'm just not ready to go there. My thumbs do exactly two things: hit the space bar and roll the trackball. They don't have the talent for much else, and the rest of my fingers would get bored and jealous.

The day yesterday was spent cleaning out the Hulu queue. I basically didn't move off the couch for twelve hours straight. Today, I need to get all the photos off the camera, get some other stuff off the internet for Debbie's mom, and decide what to do with all the debris sitting around the apartment. Some of the things we had on Craiglist that didn't sell we'll just keep; some we will try to sell again, some will just get given away to people we know, some may just get dumpstered. As Debbie posted yesterday, we'll probably hang on to the apartment for another month just to give everything time to shake out, but we will definitely be out of here by the end of August. Unless we're not, in which case, we'll still be here. Everything has to be somewhere.

Once again, I'm messing with the site layout, so if something looks more ugly than usual, just wait for a few minutes and hit refresh. I'm having some problems with making changes to the Blogger template; my changes are removed when I hit the "Save" button. Not sure what that's all about. And many of the tips I'm picking up for doing various things just don't seem to work on Firefox/Vista 64. They don't seem to break anything; they just don't have any effect. For example, I was looking through some of text effects on the Dynamic Drive site; the demo text for most of these is either just plain text or nothing. Granted, a lot of these are for IE only (and why anyone would do that is beyond me), but even the ones that are supposed to work in Firefox just don't. I was also trying to modify one of the Blogger widgets to be a scrolling list; I found dozens of places on the web describing several ways to do that, but not only did none of these work on this site, they weren't working on the site the tip was on, meaning it wasn't just my ignorance at work.

Anyway, I've rambled enough and I need to get busy. Being unemployed is hard work.


GreatMatt said...

I've had a bunch of Logitech stuff and never had a problem. I did have a Wireless Logitech keyboard that quit working, but that was only after I dumped an entire glass of Root Beer into the keyboard (no, not on purpose). You should have gotten it gift wrapped. That would make if feel even more special. LOL

As for your blogger issues, could it be a problem FF 3.5? I'm assuming you've upgraded. If not, disregard. :-)

Ric said...

Yes, I should have specified that I'm running FF3.5. I would hope that isn't the problem; we're talking some fairly basic XHTML stuff here.

To remove a very large unknown, I think I'm going to install and run Apache/PHP/MySQL on my machine; all the software came with the book I'm reading right now. Then if something isn't working, I know it's me and not Blogger messing with me.

Logitech rules: I have used and abused their stuff since my second PC (12.5 MHz 80286, 1 Meg of RAM, 20 Meg hard drive, EGA graphics).