Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing yet

I had no luck in Mobile Alabama with finding a job. I still can't believe the guy from Springdale Travel wanted me to come in when they had laid off people already and were NOT hiring at all. They had a sign in their door window that they were accepting applications from experienced travel agents. I'm not sure why they are advertising like that. I know they are waiting on Mobile to get some big contract (or at least split it with Boeing), but get real ... how long will it take to get things off the ground and businesses start picking back up.

Tampa wasn't too bad. I was able to interview with a travel manager and the district manager at one of the Tampa area AAA offices. The travel manager is in charge of two of the branches in the area. They have a person that is going (or went) out on disability. Technically they have to keep the job open for 12 weeks for this person. Worst case scenario the new person would start on September 14th. They are trying to get approval from higher ups to get the position filled sooner than that.

Arizona AAA is back in the picture with some new postings. I have applied for 3 positions, but not sure what will happen. I still don't understand why they didn't call/notify all the laid off people first to offer a chance at one of the jobs. Two of them means we would move from Prescott down south, the third is here in Prescott but only part time and at a lower position than I had.

I guess it is back to wait and see. Ric called our landlord on Monday to see about staying another month here after giving our notice for being moved out by July 31st. It was no problem. Or as Ric said "must have been a bad day for landlords --- ours said we could stay for 5 years!" The only problem we gave our landlord was when we locked ourselves out of our apartment on a holiday!

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