Thursday, July 02, 2009

Lordsburg NM

We finally got going around 230p from Prescott Valley. We decided to try to get all the way through Arizona and into New Mexico before we stopped for the night. We ended up about 30 miles from the border and staying at a Days Inn in Lordsburg NM. (At least I believe that is the name of this town)

Tomorrow we are trying to plan on our long driving day. Hopefully we will be up and out of here at a decent time. Of course, once we crossed the border, we gained an hour. Arizona does not "do" daylight savings time, so once we left Arizona we jumped to daylight savings time.

I did finally hear back from AAA Arizona. I have to reapply for the position posted. It is at the call center in Phoenix. I emailed my resume tonight -- maybe I'll here back from them.

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