Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Movin' On Up

Apologies to The Jefferson's. (I was going to link to one of the twenty or so Youtube videos of the intro to the show, but the studio in its infinite wisdom has forced Youtube to disable the soundtrack, because everyone knows that all hell will break loose if anyone hears the theme song from a 30-year-old TV series. I mean, whole generations not even born when The Jefferson's was first aired may actually become interested in it as the result of free advertising on Youtube and by God that just cannot be allowed to happen because the studio wasn't the one to think of it.)

This post isn't about copyright. It's about oil and how the price has more than doubled since it bottomed at $32.70. The Ay-rabs said they wouldn't be happy unless oil was above $70.

Everybody remembers last summer, right?

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