Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Format Changes

As a result of some recent reading, I will be playing with the layout again. But I don't have much time to play with it just now, so there are some things you will notice that will actually make the site a bit uglier, but that will lead to better things in the future. The biggest change is that I would like to experiment with a three-column layout instead of the current two-column one. That would let me bring some of the stuff in the right column that languishes far below the bottom of the last post on the page closer to the top. I'm also thinking of keeping a year's worth of reading in the "Recently Read" section (which you probably don't even realize exists because it is about a foot south of the last post). But I need to change the code that's wrapped around it to only display the most recent ten items with some sort of "more" option. The current widget I'm using doesn't support that, meaning I need to find a different widget, or hand-code the logic myself. I don't have time for either right now, so for a while, the list will simply grow longer and will extend even further past the bottom of the actual content than it currently does. I would also like the books in the "Currently Reading" list to be the full ad with the cover art instead of just the text link, but when I just tried it, something in Blogger borked the ad up. Again, I'm sure there is a widget that would make it easier to do what I want, but I don't have time to look. And if I do get it working, it will also result in things being shoved even further into obscurity than they are now.

Enough geek talk. Bottom line, if you come here and things look ugly or unreadable, just wait a bit and it should get less ugly. I hope.

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