Friday, June 05, 2009


We're waiting to hear back from a couple jobs that Debbie applied for. If those don't pan out, then we will be leaving Arizona. To where isn't real clear at this point, but most likely someplace between here and Florida. We will be spending the next couple weeks starting the packing process and the weeding out process. Today we donated a bunch of books to one of the local libraries. We'll start putting some of the big stuff on Craigslist in order to cut back on what we have to move. Most of what we have is just cast-offs and second hand junk, so there isn't much that we're real attached to anyway. Besides, purging the junk is good for the soul, or some such. It's definitely good for the back, as in not having to move so much crap.

So we're off on the next adventure.


Granny J said...

Hey -- we'll miss you!

Ric said...

Thanks. We were just sort of settling in, but it has become obvious to us over the last 45 days that there just isn't a future for us here. The upside is that the move will put us closer to family.