Sunday, May 25, 2008


I can't seem to get anything done lately, as anyone can tell looking at our blog. I'm still trying to wade through our vacation photos and get those posted to Flickr. I have all kinds of projects I know I should be working on, but they just sit ignored in a pile. I haven't finished reading a book this week.

Part of the problem has been computer system issues. My previous issues with AVG Anti-Virus escalated to the point that I had to finally do something, which turned out to mean uninstalling AVG 7 and installing AVG 8. Why the automatic update process could not do that, or why it could not tell me that is couldn't do that is beyond me. Of course, Cable One had network problems right in the middle of the install which trashed both AVG and Firefox. I finally got the mess cleaned up yesterday.

The main problem is, of course, working two part-time jobs. It's hard to get motivated to dive into something that is going to take any amount of time and/or concentration when I know that I will be setting it down to scamper off to work. Once I'm down to one job, I'll be able to get back onto a normal sleep schedule which means I can get up in the morning when I have both the motivation and ability to accomplish things, then working at the bakery until 4pm or so and having the evening to do some reading or whatever.

Ah well, maybe today I can finish up the photo editing, then start the process of uploading the whole mess to Flickr. Need to get at it.

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