Monday, May 19, 2008

Not Much Happening

I've tried to stay away from the computer for a couple days and get caught up on some reading. I still have a decent to-be-read pile, but the crack-net calls....

Anyway, I will be giving notice at the restaurant tomorrow. I'm giving her three weeks, so I won't be down to one job until June 9th. I'm just not needed there. My hours continue to dwindle. Last week, it was less than 20 hours and should have been even less. Saturday, I was literally redundant as there was someone else working my job. Of course, I always seem to be needed when it comes time for cleanup so everyone else can drop everything and run for home. Whatever. I'm done. Besides, starting next week, the restaurant will be open Wednesday through Sunday. That means that a) I will never see Debbie again, and b) I will be working seven days a week between the bakery and the restaurant.

I'm getting more hours at the bakery, even though I didn't end up with the pastry chef job. I'm learning as many other jobs as I can so I can jump in on the counter or making sandwiches if someone starts going into the weeds or calls out sick. That gets me an extra hour or two every day, plus working six days instead of five. And once I'm done at the restaurant, I can stay later in the afternoon not having to worry about running back to the apartment, changing, grabbing something to eat, then running back to work at the restaurant. It also means I will be home in the evenings, which is a big plus.

That's all I have. I expect to work on pictures starting tomorrow morning. Tonight, I'm going to try to at least finish up all the magazines that piled up while we were off globe-trotting.

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