Saturday, May 31, 2008

Long term planning

My Mom, siblings, and niece probably thought I was a bit crazy this past weekend. I tried to reach them all to ask about future happenings. (I got voice mails every where)

Ric and I have talked about doing an Alaska cruise in June 2010. This time frame was chosen because there will be a cruise3sixty event held there then. If I am still at AAA Arizona, they will pay my registration and stay for the event including airfare. (I will be working on my next level of cruise specialist training) This way my airfare will be paid for (or at least the majority of it) and we just have to pay for Ric's airfare plus the cruise.

So....I got out a notebook (that I hope not to lose) and starting writing years and events that are happening that we will have to travel for. The ones we know of for my nieces/nephews graduation open houses and Ric's youngest niece's wedding.

I thought the wedding was in June 2010. I had the month right, but wrong year. After she called me back, I found out they had changed the date anyways. They are getting married in Traverse City on August 1, 2009. Right now they are planning a whole weekend of fun. They are "renting" Ranch Rudolph -- all the rooms for the weekend. The wedding will be Saturday, the party will start Friday after people start coming in. It sounds like it will be a blast.

That leaves open houses.... Jerrica is in 2009. I doubt her open house will be as late as Aug 1st. So we should be safe with traveling twice in the summer.

2010 ends up being Madison's graduation. My brother said in CT they don't usually do open houses. We might have to talk them into some type of party. (Think road trip to Boston area for Kate and Beth's parties!) He said they usually go to school until near the end of June. So...may be safe with two events in the summer that year. Might be tricky though. Have to see.

2011 is Tevra's graduation open house.

Odd years for the next two --- 2013 for Ashton and 2015 for Devin. Then, if I figured correctly, 2017 for Tyler.

Any other family members with long term planning -- let me know your dates as soon as possible. Any more weddings in the future? (Kate, Nick, Tristan, Casey, Rachel????!!!!!)

Of course, who knows where we will be in the next few years. We may be working on a small private island in the Bahamas or working on a cruise ship. So many possibilities out there. After paying attention on this last cruise --- I noticed they have a "future cruise consultant" on each cruise ship. I'm sure I could handle that job! I would only have to learn that cruise line information! (maybe their "family" of cruise companies also) I might have to look into that. I'm sure Ric could work in the kitchen or maybe do some photography or who knows what else.

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