Saturday, May 31, 2008

All Gone

:-( It is all gone now. I had six containers that Ric drove back with in December. I made a promise with myself that I would only open one a month. Some months it got empty fast, others it lasted almost to the end of the month.

What am I talking about?! Well, of course, pickled bologna! LOL. I'm glad Ric hates the stuff, otherwise it would not have lasted too long. I now know what my Uncle John feels like out in the Boston area. I hope somebody brings some pickled bologna to our family reunion. (hint, hint, hint)

I hate the new restriction about liquids on carryons. I"m not too sure I want to package them all up and try to put them in a small checked bag. Maybe if I get one that I don't care about and can throw away after it gets back to Phoenix. Can you imagine what it might smell like after being tossed around at a couple airports?! YIKES!!!!

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GreatMatt said...

Duct tape. I shipped 4 jugs of it to Mom and Dad in Alabama. I cut off the plastic around the lid. Then made sure the lid was on tight and then used duct tape around the lid and top of the jar. Got there just fine. :-)