Wednesday, May 21, 2008

16 years ago

It some ways it doesn't seem like it has been THAT long. Sometimes you think about them as if you just hadn't talked/seen them for a few months/years. When thinking about going home for the Wiklanski reunion and who all you we are going to see -- it dawns on you -- some of them will only be there in spirit.

16 years ago today my Dad died. Then 5 days later, my uncle and godfather (Leo) died. I can still remember his (Leo's) comment at my Dad's funeral. "He (Leo) was going to die on a holiday so we would always remember the date" Timing in 1992 -- 5 days later, May 25th was Memorial Day!

I don't "hear" too much from Dad, but Leo comes to mind sometimes when I hear "Tears in Heaven". They will always be missed at the reunions and wedding receptions as the jesters and someone to hold onto tight during the polkas.

I'm sure they are both having a heck of a time with all of them up there -- Dad, Uncle Leo, Uncle Tom, and Uncle Jake. They are probably spinning Grandma Wiklanski and Grandma Boris around and around with polkas. Say Hi to Grandma Vargason and my friend Irene when you bump into them.

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