Saturday, April 12, 2008

One week away!

It is getting closer and closer to when we leave our apartment by town car transfer for our cruise tour! We got all the luggage out today and trying to decide what all to take. I laid out the maximum we can take and if we can get rid of one small bag, great. I don't think we will be buying too many souvenirs to bring home since the dollar is doing so bad.

We also have started talking about the next cruise already. Well, maybe not the next, but one we definitely are going to try to plan on. In 2010 cruise3sixty will be having their event in Vancouver in June. thinking is to sign up for the cruise3sixty event and while we are in the area...take an Alaskan cruise! Usually the cruise3sixty event is Thurs thru Sun, so hopefully our choices of cruises leaving from Vancouver on Sunday are good. When working on my ECC (Elite Cruise Counselor) status, I need to cruise on two different cruise lines that I haven't used for my ACC or MCC. That limits my choices to the expensive cruise lines and NCL. I'm hoping NCL has one that leaves on Sundays from Vancouver. Everyone is welcome to join us! The other cruise we both really want to do is a river cruise --- in Europe or China. and friends start saving those dollars and join us when we go. Or, save the dollars and I'll plan a short 4-5 day cruise from Florida for our 25th anniversary in five years and we can all have a blast together.

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