Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Just Quick Note

I have just a couple minutes before I have to go to the restaurant and put in my 2 hours or so scrubbing pots and cleaning floors. The bakery was busy today, but the restaurant must have had another bad night. Normally, I go in at 6pm and work until close. The new arrangement is that I go in at 8:30pm unless the owner calls. I didn't get called. obviously, because I'm sitting here making a pointless blog post at 7:51pm.

This is just nuts. It isn't so bad for me because a) we have two incomes in our household, b) I have the bakery job to keep food on the table, and c) we have a fairly healthy emergency fund is things really go into the crapper. There are people I work with at the restaurant that are the sole household income. I keep having these conversations about people choosing between food and credit payments, which makes me think Bernanke is a complete idiot. I mean, a recession is "possible?" Maybe in your little fortress up on capitol hill, you pencil-necked jackass. Meanwhile the people who pay taxes are looking on-line for 1,000 exciting recipes featuring Ramen.

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