Friday, April 11, 2008


I haven't spent much time blogging lately due to a number of distractions. The primary one is work, of course. I'm still working both jobs. The bakery job that was supposed to be two or three hours a day is running more like four to six. The restaurant is still slow, but going in for cleanup means that I'm up late at night even though I'm only working two to four hours. I'm still in a wait-and-see mode, but I don't think the restaurant can afford me. We'll see what happens in May.

Of course, the second distraction is trying to get ready for The Big Trip. This weekend will be the big push to get everything in a pile, then toss half of it out when it doesn't fit in our suitcases; making to-do lists, last-minute-pack lists, and the master list of all the other lists so that no list is forgotten. After all that, we will still walk into the airport and one of us will say, "Oh crap! We forgot to bring X!"

The third distraction has been Babylon 5. I bought the Amazon Unbox version of the first season. There are some very obvious artifacts watching the episodes on our laptop, especially the CGI sequences. They're not too bad, but enough to be annoying. Anyway, it was fun getting back into the B5 universe. Unfortunately, 22 45-minute episodes took up a lot of time that wasn't spent here.

So I head out through the InterTubes to see what has been happening in my absence:

Security experts hack into the control systems for the power grid in a day.
Electronic voting machines are even easier to break into.
The Euro hit a new record.
Oil hit a new record.
Consumer confidence is in the toilet.

Maybe I'll buy season two of B5 where the biggest problem is a presidential assassination.

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