Thursday, April 17, 2008

...And Still More Records

Oil up, gas up. But you already knew that. At least now that spring is here and we don't need it, natural gas and home heating oil pulled back a bit.

And Wired joins the growing chorus: Biofuels won't save us; hydrogen won't save us. We will be burning dead dinosaurs for a long time to come.

Food riots are starting. Maybe we will quit burning food in time. Or not.

Change happens when people have no other choice. Given that I work with people who live closer to work than I do and are still driving to work, we are obviously not there yet. Will we be when gas is $4/gallon? $5? $10? Remember that unless the energy sector is taken over by the government (in which case all bets are off) we will never run out of oil. It will just keep getting more expensive until demand tapers to zero.

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