Sunday, April 20, 2008

All packed, but can't sleep

Well, we finally got all the suitcases packed. All are under the 50lb limit, but they are bulging! Ric, who usually stays up til 1 or 2am after working, fell asleep on the loveseat around 9p. I finally took a shower, woke Ric up enough to go to bed and I crawled into bed with him. I was bone tired, but couldn't get to sleep. I got out of bed after 30min or so and had something to munch on and came to check email and such.

Weather in Venice when we get there is suppose to be around 60degrees and rainy. We should get rid of the rain by the time we get to Florence. We plan on having fun even in the rain and cold.

We will be off line until May 9th. Catch you all later.

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