Thursday, April 17, 2008

AAA Prescott picnic

Last Saturday was our first (and hopefully, annual) AAA Prescott office picnic. It was held at a ramada (in Michigan we call them pavillions) at Watson Lake. This ramada was at the top of a hill and had views all around. Ric will post a link later once he "cleans up" my pictures. I forgot about suntan lotion or a hat and got a bad sunburn on my forehead. I'm sure it will be peeling just as we have to leave for our trip.

Watson Lake is a few miles away from us. It is someplace I have to go back again with Ric. It is definitely worth it. We could spend most of the day there --- walking around, hiking, finding quiet spots and relaxing, taking pictures and such. I didn't take too many pictures before the battery gave out. More later of the place itself.

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