Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Personal Stuff

Still not much going on at the Frost household. Work, eat, sleep, read, watch movies, rinse, repeat. The only real excitement in our life was a bit of an accident I had at work on Thursday. I was moving the five-gallon bucket of dish detergent concentrate that feeds the dish machine and sloshed a bit on my shoe. No big deal. As we were locking up and getting ready to leave, my foot started itching a bit. Great. An allergic reaction. I have to be careful with soaps as a rule, but it never involves anything other than some itching and a rash that goes away in a day. As I walk home, the itching gets more intense, then turns to burning, then serious pain. I run the last hundred yards to the apartment and immediately remove my shoe and sock. The top of my foot has large black spots where the skin is coming off. I rinse in cold water, shower, etc. The pain goes away and there doesn't seem to be any real damage other than some large ugly holes in the top of my foot. Debbie said I should take pictures to post here, but I don't want to loose the handful of readers we have.

The next day, I got my hands on the MSDS for the detergent, and it just says to avoid skin contact and flush with lots of cold water if contact occurs. So I doubt my foot is going to fall off or anything. I can wear shoes and go to work and all that stuff. I'm sure there will be big nasty scars, so sandal season could be interesting for anyone who looks at my feet.

We are both getting lots of reading in lately. We are averaging a book every day or two depending on mood and the book. I know. Exciting stuff. We're such party animals.

Debbie leaves very AM Wednesday for some cruise accreditation stuff in Florida. She will be gone until Sunday. If anyone back east sees flames in this direction, I'm trying to cook myself dinner. Seriously; I permanently disfigured my foot with dish soap. How well do you think I'm going to do on my own for nearly five full days? I understand from certain readers of this blog that frozen pizza rolls can be eaten right out of the bag. That may be all that stands between me and dumpster diving behind Denny's.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this:

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Anonymous said...

I want to see the holy feet pictures. Is that wrong? lol!!