Thursday, February 07, 2008

Unnecessary Things

Anyone that knows me understands that I just don't get the modern mall. To me it is just acres of junk sold by no-nothing teens with bad hair and worse attitudes. Why anyone would spend five minutes in such a place is completely beyond me. So I don't go. Simple concept, right? No one is forcing me to go there and spend my hard-earned money in yet-another womens clothing store. If you chose to waste your time and money there, go for it.

However, for a vocal and, at times, far too influential segment of humanity, that isn't enough: "I don't like it, therefore you cannot do it." is the cry of the wanna-be statist. It matters not what "it" is. It could be McDonalds, malls, or Mormons. The government must do something to rid us of this scourge. Of course it goes without saying that you don't dare even a glance at their sacred cows.

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