Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Official

I'm employed as of next Thursday. Woohoo! Not as many hours as I would like, but a better per-hour rate that I was expecting, so it sort of evens out. It is walking distance from our apartment, which also factors in significantly: we don't have to purchase, license, insure. maintain or fuel a second vehicle.

I'm back in the restaurant biz.


GreatMatt said...

Well? Where is it? Local place, or some national chain? C'mon, we're all dieing to know! Okay, maybe not dieing, but curious. :-)

Ric said...

A very small family-owned place that is only open 5 days a week for dinner. I was originally hired to cover the new lunch hours that will be starting next Tuesday, but another person needed that shift, so I'm now on dinner hours (5pm-10pm). Not bad hours, but Debbie and I won't be seeing much of each other during the week.